Blog Post #1

Hi. My name is Alice, I’m a junior at Colorado State University. I’m an art major with a double concentration in Graphic Design and Painting, and a minor in English. I want to illustrate children’s books. I’m also a resident assistant in Summit Hall; aka the best hall ever. I was born in Desborough, England, and moved to America when I was nine years old, due to my father taking up a job in Colorado Springs. I’m making this blog for my Writing Arguments class. As far as sustainability goes, I’m interested in sustainable practices in the art world, such as recycling objects, and reusing items, using found objects in sculptures and paintings, etc. I’m also really interested in “up cycling” clothing, and the process of creating something fabulous out of something old. I honestly don’t really care about local food or sustainable living practices, but maybe this class will open my eyes and make me care about it more =) I’m supposed to be introducing myself to the blogosphere… but I don’t really know what else to say. So, have some random facts about me: Elvis is awesome. I like the color pink, cake, and sleeping. And that’s the end. =)