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The essays “Argument as Emergence, Rhetoric as Love”, and “Rogerian Argument and the Context of the Situation” by Jim Corder and Richard Young, discuss the prospect of a Rogerian argument. The basis of this type of argument is finding common ground to come to an effective solution, versus head to head debate. I do agree with the possibility of this type of argument, however i do think i should be combined with the traditional techniques that we are still taught today. I feel as though a purely Rogerian argument would be great for mediating conflict situations. As an RA, I’m forced to deal with situations that I could apply a Rogerian argument too every day, such as roommate conflict, and code of conduct violations. However, as a purely rhetorical device, to be used in a persuasive paper, debate, or speech, I feel as though it may not be strong enough in the face of heat to fully convey a message. Any argument can be strengthened by noting the point of view of the others, and this is where I feel the Rogerian argument can come into play in a successful manner.

An argument in food politics that I believe could benefit from taking a Rogerian approach is the subject of BPA, especially in canned foods, such as we read about in class. If the manufacturers and consumers listened to each other, and discussed reasonable alternatives to using BPA, for the good of all, I feel as though an effective compromise could be met.


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  1. paigebonk said,

    September 14, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    Nice summary!! BPA is a huge issue with many conflicting sides. I agree that it could benefit from a Rogerian argument.

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