Blog Post #6

Editorial on my Issue:

This editorial discusses college student’s desire to reform campus eating into a sustainable practice, and the struggles they face. The editorial is broken down into four main sections, discussing what colleges are currently doing, and how the sustainable eating movement is changing the face of campus’s across the nation, what the “model” schools in sustainable eating are doing and why, the challenges students face when attempting to change something like eating on campus, and options to help students wanting to make a change on their campus. The article uses primarily logos based arguments. They quote from a lot of reputable sources, such as the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Learning. They use many expert’s opinions in order to strengthen their points. The article also asses the challenges that students will face, such as contracts with large companies, liability problems if buying from small farmers, the problem of getting varied food locally, especially if they are in an area where local food is hard to come by, etc.

The article also talks about the ideal way of creating sustainable eating on college campuses. They talk about focusing on specific needs of the school, as illustrated in this exerpt;

“For Dautremont-Smith, getting bogged down with philosophy is missing the point. ‘It is too complicated to focus on organic versus local,’ he said. ‘I think that issue needs holistic evaluation, taking into account what the students want and the specific circumstances of the school.’ ”

They also discuss creating relationships with suppliers, as student advocates will be gone in a year or two, whereas the suppliers are a long-lasting contract that will last.

This editorial works in the context it is in. It is effective because it’s tailored towards college students, and the current generation is very technology based. Most of our information comes from a google search, a blog site, etc. It is more easily accessible to a large audience.


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